Booker has relaunched its Butcher's Market range of pre-packed fresh meat products.

The range now has 16 products, with nine new lines, including mini chicken fillets, chicken thighs, diced beef, quarter pounders and gammon steaks.

They are all price-marked at £3 or £2, with 'two-fors' to encourage shoppers to trade up, and give retailers profit on return of 30%.

"Shoppers expect a convenience store to have a fresh meat range and Butcher's Market is ideal as it's so simple to execute in store, since it is pre-packed and price-marked," said Steve Fox, sales director retail, at Booker.

"We encourage our customers to buy this range little and often to maintain availability, and now with the new lines and improved shelf life it offers a fantastic opportunity for retailers to increase their sales of fresh meat."