Natural meal replacement brand Boot Camp in a Bottle has moved production from the US to the UK as it looks to ramp up its British presence.

The brand, which lists Innocent Drinks co-founder Richard Reed as an advisor and was developed by David Cox, former Coca-Cola communications director for Asia, has relocated its manufacturing facility to Cambridgeshire.

Since its soft launch a year ago, Boot Camp - which can be used as a seven-day detox to kickstart weight loss or as an occasional meal replacement - has hit £1m in sales through pharmacies, health food shops and gyms in the UK and outlets in Asia and the Middle East.

Cox said he was currently in discussions with UK multiples and high street retailers regarding listings for the powder, which contains herbal sweetener stevia and is designed to be diluted and consumed as a drink.

Consumers were looking for an alternative to “dusty, quasi-medical” weight-loss products, he said, adding that Reed, who hosts TV show Be Your Own Boss, had advised the company on its no-nonsense brand positioning.

“We share quite a few attributes with Innocent,” Cox claimed. “We take an honest approach to weight loss and all-natural ingredients, and Reed emphasised these were things people respond well to.”

Each tub carries an rsp of £39.99/500g and contains 50 servings - enough for a week. The key ingredients are the seeds and husks from the psyllium plant - a source of natural fibre often used in cereal bars - which Cox claimed would make consumers feel full.

The product is also free from wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, soya, starch, preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings.

Reed was unavailable for comment.