Booths’ own-label teas will soon be available in Febwicks, under the new arrangement between the two stores

Booths has struck a supply deal with high-end Newcastle department store Fenwick to further boost its own-label range.

Fenwick has begun selling 60 Booths own-brand lines including premium teas and coffees, rice, nuts, dried fruit and cereals.

The products will sit in the department store’s food hall, which underwent a multimillion-pound redevelopment in October 2015 to offer “exceptional dining experiences” such as patisserie Mason & Rye and Asian kitchen Ko Sai.

The move marks a further development in Booths’ strategy to raise the profile of its own-label range.

In 2015, it began a range expansion programme that aims to double own-label sales by 2021.

As part of the initiative, Boots has increased its cheese lines from 12 to 70, introduced 15 own-label chilled juices and smoothies, unveiled more than 70 ready meals and rolled out a new BBQ range.

The retailer is also keen to expand outside its own 28-strong estate, having struck a deal with Jason’s Food Hall in Malaysia to sell 40 of its lines earlier this year.

Booths’ business development manager Henry Booth said: “Our alliance with Fenwick presents a great opportunity to bring Booths brand products to new food lovers in the north and will build on the success of our current export deals in Malaysia. We are delighted to be working with a renowned family business like Fenwick.”