Leading French soft cheese Boursin is launching its first fully fledged TV and press ad campaign for a decade as part of a drive to modernise the brand.

Following its sponsorship of several ITV3 drama and crime series last year, it will run a full length advert on terrestrial and satellite TV from this week until 5 April followed by two further bursts of activity in July and November.

While the sponsorship idents featured the Bel UK brand in a series of typical British settings, the new ad has relocated the action to France and given the 'Du pain, du vin, du Boursin' a humorous twist.

The soft-focus ad, which is aimed at ABC1 women, features a pair of young French lovers having a picnic in a field. It is the perfect romantic scene until the camera pans out to reveal a combine harvester bearing down on them.

The TV campaign will be supported by full page print ads in the national press and food magazines running until the end of the year. Bel UK, which bought Boursin from Unilever last year, revealed it was spending £3.4m on the campaign, which it claimed was five times the advertising support given to the brand over the past 10 years.

"This campaign will remind people of what they have always loved about the brand and encourage a whole new generation of people to try Boursin's unique and delicious range," said Jean-Paul Pelaez, head of category management at Bel UK, which also owns Laughing Cow and Leerdammer.

"We are re-activating the strong emotional link existing consumers have with the brand, strengthening consumer awareness and ultimately ensuring new consumers seek out the Boursin range next time they go shopping."

Boursin Garlic & Herb cheese has a 38% value and 32% volume share of the speciality spreadable category [Nielsen].

Encouraging consumers to see it as an accessible, everyday cheese and not just an occasional purchase would boost sales further, said Bel UK.