The UK would have no plans to leave the EU had lovers of Marmite been the only voters in the June referendum. Pro-Europe buyers of the yeast extract are spread thickly across the UK, with 55% having voted Remain, according to new YouGov data.

As the brand’s owner, Unilever, continues to battle Tesco in grocery’s first large-scale referendum-related war, the fmcg giant also faces a Brexit-style schism among its consumers, YouGov’s analysis found.

Marmite fans were happy to be part of the politico-economic union - and so were Ben & Jerry’s enthusiasts. The premium ice cream brand saw 58% of its consumers say yes to Brussels. Meanwhile, Knorr came in third with 53% Remain.

But loyal PG Tips drinkers poured on the ‘no’ votes: 64% sided with Leave, making the tea Unilever’s most Brexit-backing brand. It was followed by Dove and Flora (both 55%), and then Colman’s (54%) and Hellmann’s (53%).

The results were a clear indication that Leavers and Remainers were emerging as key consumer groups, said Mark Jefford, head of profiles at YouGov. “Which way they went on 23 June is a good indicator of a wider worldview - how they shop, what they buy, how they like to be advertised to, as well as many more.”

The pricing dispute between Unilever and Tesco was likely to be the first in a series of similar disagreements in grocery retail, with consumers bearing the brunt, Jefford added. “Marketers need to get a deeper understanding of Leavers and Remainers so that brands know the best ways to communicate with them in future.”

Pranksters have responded to the Tesco online delisting of Marmite by selling the product as a ‘rare’ item on eBay. Jars are currently on sale on the site for up to £125 for a 125g jar.