Ehrmanns Wine, which owns the Blue Nun range, has gone against tradition by bringing out a recyclable aluminium wine bottle.
Bright Pink, created by Australian winemaker Peter Bright, is the company’s new Rosé concept aimed at the younger wine drinker and designed to boost sales of Portuguese wines.
“We have been looking at different ways of selling Portuguese wine, which hasn’t got a strong reputation in the UK,” said Keith Lay, marketing director for Ehrmanns.
Ehrmanns claims the unique aluminium packaging is not only recyclable but can also be chilled in 20% of the time it takes to chill glass-bottled wine.
The wine follows the success of the company’s Hearty Red wine, which similarly plays down its Portuguese roots.
“We are hoping the wine will appeal to female drinkers, particularly those moving away from the RTD market,” said Lay.