Young's Seafood has grown its sales of alternative white fish species by 64% over the past four years, according to new data.

Sales of products containing white fish species such as pollock, hoki and basa increased 64% between 2005 and 2009, while overall sales share of products containing cod and haddock remained static over the period, at 23%.

A decade ago, cod and haddock were the mainstay of the nation's fish purchases, but other species had recently gained a foothold, said Young's marketing director Yvonne Adam. "This latest analysis demonstrates clearly that we have been successful in moving consumers to a greater acceptance of new kinds of white fish."

The news comes as Young's launches a new variant to its Chip Shop range, aimed at children. Chip Shop Mini Fillets (rsp: £3.49 for six fillets) are made with 100% basa fillet, sourced from Vietnam.