Budgens has entered a partnership with pork processors, George Adams & Sons and a group of British pig farmers in order to ensure high quality supply of home produced pork.

The new relationship with the LinkPork Scheme follows the recent introduction of Budgens’ 100% meat policy and it allows the company to offer fresh pork at an affordable price to the consumer as well as offering a sustainable return to the farmer.

The LincPork Scheme, established by pig producer George Adams and Lincolnshire pig farmer John Godfrey in 2000, are exclusive and unique to Budgens and will be rolled out to all stores in mid September.

To participate in the scheme, the farmers must rear a specific breed of pig, a cross between the Adams boar and the Camborough sow, to ensure consistency of product quality.

Mark Haighton, George Adams pig development manager, said: “It’s a very positive step forward to see a retailer taking such an active interest in the British pig industry.”