Musgrave Retail Partners GB is planning to double Christmas tree sales in Budgens stores this year.

The symbol group is predicting its retailers will sell more than £100,000 worth of trees during December, a 100% increase on last year.

As many as 5,000 trees have been sourced from the UK, Denmark, Belgium and the German/ Netherlands border for the chain by GB Horticulture.

Two types of tree will be available – Norway spruce and Nordman fir – either potted or unpotted, with prices starting from £12.99 and sizes from three feet.

Rob Grant, from GB Horticulture, said the majority of the trees had been sourced from Europe rather than the UK because hot and cold snaps at the end of the growing season had damaged UK trees.

“Denmark and the northern European area have excellent climactic conditions for growing Christmas trees,” he added.