Bulmers' biggest new product launch will get underway this summer as it tries to carve another slice of the premium packaged spirits market with Bambao. The cider maker is spending a hefty £6.5m to get its latest concept off the ground, eclipsing the £4m it committed to the introduction of the single shot brand Sidekick last year. Bambao is based on the Brazilian spirit Cachaca and is inspired by a cocktail featuring Cachaca and lime called Caipirihna. If the brand takes off in the same way as Sidekick the £6.5m will be money well spent as the shot brand now has annual sales of more than £20m. But if it goes the same way as the company's other new product launch last year, Strongbow Spice, it will be a very different story. Spice was designed to give Strongbow a presence in the premium packaged spirits market, but it was not supported by a major launch. It failed to meet expectations and is being phased out. A spokesman said: "It was a good try but we are withdrawing it. One success out of two is not a bad hit rate." Mock-ups of Bambao are being presented to the trade and listings are still being discussed. Bulmers said the response from the multiple grocers had been positive and it expects the brand to go on the shelf next month. Its efforts to ensure success will include a national poster campaign in the summer which will be the dominant feature of the launch. The posters will be followed up by advertising in the style press and a full range of in-store support, including sampling and tailormade activity. Bambao will be sold in 275ml bottles and the 5.5% abv product will be priced in line with the category leaders Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Ice. Bulmers is shipping in the Cachaca spirit from Brazil and producing the new pps at its trial plant in Hereford. {{DRINKS }}