Cider accounted for 7% of total alcohol promotions last weekend, and leading the way with 33% of the activity was Bulmers.

Its Original and Pear Cider varieties were promoted in Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Somerfield using the save mechanic and Somerfield using x-for-y.

Eight points behind in second place with a 25% share of space was Magners, promoted in Asda using save, with Somerfield again favouring x-for-y.

Two brands, Gaymers Olde English Cider and Jacques Fruits Des Bois, shared third place with 17% each. Gaymers was on offer in Somerfield using buy-one-get-one-free and in Morrisons with save. Jacques 750ml bottles were on promotion in Tesco using x-for-y and in Sainsbury's with save.

Strongbow Cider took fifth place in the chart last weekend with the remaining 8% of activity, securing promotional space in Morrisons using save.

While each of the five retailers promoted cider brands last weekend, it was interesting to note that Somerfield favoured x-for-y and buy-one-get-one-free and Tesco x-for-y on Jacques, while the other three retailers favoured the save mechanic.

Bulmers and Magners currently share first place with 29% of the top five cider chart for 2008 each.

When comparing year-to-date activity with that of 2007, Bulmers has increased its share by 11 percentage points and has risen from third, with Magners gaining nine points and one place.

Last year's leading brand was Strongbow, which finished the year with 45% of activity. A slower start in 2008 shows the brand losing just under half of its share, dropping 21 percentage points and two places to sit in third with 24%.

Gaymers and Blackthorn have switched places, with Gaymers accounting for 11% in fourth place, and Blackburn dropping three percentage points and one place to fifth with 7% of activity.