Tangerine Confectionery has boosted the British identity of Butterkist by switching production of the brand’s microwavable popcorn back from France to the UK.

All Butterkist products are now made in Pontefract where Tangerine claims to run the world’s most advanced popcorn factory. “Iconic British sweet brands should be made in Britain,” said MD Chris Marshall.

Making the entire Butterkist portfolio at one site would make it easier to come up with new products, added the company. “Having all the popcorn development in one place gives us greater flexibility in NPD - a Butterkist centre of excellence if you will,” said a spokesman.

Tangerine has already tweaked the recipe of Butterkist’s microwavable popcorn to enhance its flavour since the product arrived back on British shores in October.

Tangerine inherited a number of UK brands made abroad when it bought Monkhill Confectionery from Cadbury in 2008 for £58m and the move is part of the company’s strategy to manufacture its entire portfolio in the UK. It started in 2009 by bringing manufacture of Barratt’s Fruit Salad and Black Jack brands to Blackpool from Spain, where they had been made for eight years. It also halted plans to relocate production of Sherbet Fountain and Dip Dabs to Eastern Europe and has since resumed UK production of several products including Barratt’s Foam Shrimps and Bananas.

Now Butterkist’s microwaveable popcorn has returned, there are only two SKUs that Tangerine continues to make outside Britain, both of which will return to the UK.