The major trends are the continuing pressures on producers over pricing across beers, wines and spirits. I want to engage the industry to combat these pressures and to drive innovation. At our suppliers' conference we shared learnings about good innovation. The beer sector was the most enthusiastic while wine has the greatest distance to travel.

Historically, product launches used to go from on to off-trade. Now, many big players are starting to think the other way round and that is very good for customers.

I continue to be very impressed with Stella's performance and the move to the family Artois umbrella brand. Most of the major brewers are working hard to show fresh and engaging stuff. Scottish & Newcastle UK has brought Bulmers up alongside Magners in a short space of time and that's really good management. I think we are seeing the results of that quickly.

Greene King's work on the repackaging of Old Speckled Hen is great and I have also been impressed with Penderyn Welsh whisky's performance. We have just extended its listing to 200 more stores.

It is a big challenge to achieve the same excitement around spirits in the off-trade as the on, but we are looking at making it easier for customers to buy into. The on-trade's success had an impact last year and we now stock 92 spirits, including cachaça and grenadine.

Cider goes from strength to strength and the great thing is that, regardless of Magners, the category really has legs. Sparkling wine is also good, but the largest single area of growth for us is rosé.