There is growth in practically all areas except for chocolate biscuit bars and children's products, which is in steep decline. The biggest growth has been in own label, special treats, crackers and crispbreads and good-for-you. We are also bucking the trend on everyday and everyday treats.

The launch of McVitie's Moments has had the most impact on the category in a disappointing year for innovation. HobNob Creams are also performing well.

Rich Tea and HobNobs are well loved, while Fox's 65p PM range, Cadbury Half-Coated and Maryland are strong. New Bahlsen, Breadsticks, Cheese Twists, Caxton Pink 'n' Whites, Fox's Echo Mint, Kit Kat Mint and Orange, and Pink Panther Wafers have also added to growth. McV Fruitsters was disappointing and limited-edition Cadbury Fingers, Jammie Dodgers, McVitie's Milk Choc HobNobs and Choc Digestives have all performed poorly, as has Fox's Bistros.

Price rises have affected volume and value - people tend to steer clear of everyday and everyday treat biscuits over 99p. If they can buy a big chocolate bar for less than a pack of biscuits, they will.

Even on chocolate biscuit bars, much of the decline is due to lack of promotion, which plays a massive part in category growth. Poorer value promotions or cost increases that price biscuits out of their own market are also to blame.

We're likely to see the end of the bogof, while distribution will transfer to brokers. Government initiatives will put more focus on healthier alternatives and less fixture space will make biscuits work harder.