laughing cow mini cravings cheese

Who: Bel UK

What: The Laughing Cow Mini Cravings Cheese

Where: Cheese

When: Launched March 2015

How much: £2/125g

Why: Bel UK expanded its Laughing Cow range in March with Mini Cravings, packs of 24 individually wrapped cubes of soft cheese. Available in three versions - Original, Herb (comprising ham & herb, garlic & herb and three cheese flavours) and the Cheese variant tested (which comprises Cheddar, blue cheese & smoked cheese flavours) - each cube weighs in at 14 calories.

Consumer verdict: Mini Cravings has set a new record score for the category, achieving a maximum 50 out of 50. Prompting comments such as ‘lovely selection of flavours’, ‘versatile’ and ‘no waste’, the product scored above the category norm for all attributes, with the majority of testers seeing it as ideal for chilling out midweek, as a weekend treat or when entertaining. It was also considered suitable for children. High pre-trial purchase intent was maintained after testing, with more than 90% agreeing Cravings was not only novel but a better alternative to similar products on the market. The maximum rating of 20 was achieved for innovation & relevance.

Pre-trial purchase: 72%

Post-trial purchase: 96%

Better than what’s out there: 96%

New and different: 98%

Overall score: 50/50


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