Aldi Specially Selected Sweet Aubergine & Heirloom Roasted Tomato Cappellacci

aldi aubergine and tomato pasta

Who: Aldi

What: Sweet Aubergine & Heirloom Roasted Tomato Cappellacci

Where: Chilled Pasta

When: Launched October 2015

How much: Rsp £1.69 for 250g

Why: Pasta’s premiumising. We’re eating more dried pasta - 157,400 tonnes of the stuff, 3,700 tonnes more than the year before - but paying less per kilo for the Italian staple [Kantar 52 w/e 19 July 2015]. Fresh pasta, on the other hand, is up 3.4% in volume, but 4.8% in value, with total sales of £154.1m. And fresh filled is the most valuable segment of the category - fetching an average of £5.39 per kilo.

Consumer verdict: While our consumers thought the product had an authentic Italian ring to it, some commented that the parcels were too big. After trial, most of our panellists were impressed by the flavoursome filling and the freshness of the pasta - though the average score was pulled down heavily by more negative testers in the Midlands. After trial, the number saying they would definitely buy more than doubled to 25%.

Pre-trial purchase: 34%

Post-trial purchase: 51%

Better than what’s out there: 41%

New and different: 74%

Overall score: 37/50


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