Kerry Foods has declared it is ‘very pleased’ that the Advertising Standards Authority ruled against a complaint which suggested a ‘100% natural ingredients’ claim made during a Denny deli-style ham TV ad was misleading and unsubstantiated.

The commercial aired on 15 September 2015 and featured the voiceover: “Our new improved Denny deli-style, 100% natural ingredients ham. It tastes better than ever before, and it’s still the only ham with no artificial additives or preservatives.” It drew criticism from one complainant.

The ad also featured on-screen text that read: ‘Still the only ham with no artificial additives, no artificial preservatives’, and showed a packet of ham with packaging stating ‘We are the only 100% natural ingredients ham’.

However, the ASA ruled in favour of Denny concluding that viewers would likely interpret the claim as applying to pre-sliced packaged cooked ham only and that they were likely to understand the claim as meaning that Denny deli-style ham continued to be the only pre-sliced packaged cooked ham on the market without artificial additives or preservatives.

“Given that Denny ham products were only available for purchase in NI and ROI, we considered that consumers were likely to expect that that claim was made within the context of NI and ROI,” ASA said in its ruling.

“We are very pleased that this complaint was not upheld by the ASA,” said a Kerry Foods spokeswoman. “We have gone to extensive lengths to develop special natural technology that enables us to provide our Denny consumers with the only 100% natural ingredients cooked ham available.”