We Love Cake Gluten Free Raspberry Macaroon Slices

we love cake macaroons

Who: Bells of Lazonby

What: Gluten Free Raspberry Macaroon Slices

Where: Individual cakes and pastries

How much: £2/150g

Why: The free-from category just keeps growing as more and more people choose to give up gluten and other allergens. Ambient bakery products are the second largest sub-sector in the category, worth £105.8m in value sales, up 15.8% year on year [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 27 March 2016]. These macaroons are without gluten, wheat and dairy, and are part of the Bells of Lazonby free-from We Love Cake brand that includes jam tarts, mince pies and brownies.

Consumer verdict: Despite being aimed at shoppers with special dietary needs, this product was still considered relevant for the mainstream market, with our triallists calling it as a “classy proposition”. Many described the cakes as “crumbly” and “yummy” with a “really nice texture”, but a small minority considered them “powdery” with a “dry aftertaste”. Post-trial interest was high, although most consumers said they would purchase only occasionally - probably at weekends.

Pre-trial purchase: 35%

Post-trial purchase: 53%

Better than what’s out there: 53%

New and different: 61%

Overall score: 38/50