Birds Eye Inspirations Crunchy Tortilla Chilli & Lime Breaded Fish Fillets

birds eye inspirations

Who: Birds Eye

What: Crunchy Tortilla Chilli & Lime Breaded Fish Fillets

Where: Frozen Coated Fish

When: Launched June 2015

How much: Rsp £4 for 290g

Why: Birds Eye first launched its premium Inspirations range in March 2014 and it went on to be the biggest-selling fmcg launch of that year, racking up £31.3m in sales [Kantar Worldpanel]. This summer, the range was extended with three new choices; along with this Mexican-inspired recipe, there’s also a Sicilian lemon & pink peppercorn breaded fish fillet and a ‘Bake Perfect’ ­fillet with lime, chilli & coriander sauce.

Consumer verdict: The strong and trusted Birds Eye branding created high expectation, but the product proved divisive. It was more warmly received in the North, scoring 47, with consumers liking the spicy flavour and crunchy coating. Those in the Midlands and South were more likely to criticise the “grey coloured” fish. The high price point was an issue, with three out of 10 saying they would only buy on special offer.

Pre-trial purchase: 47%

Post-trial purchase: 47%

Better than what’s out there: 55%

New and different: 87%

Overall score: 39/50