Amazing Cheddar

Cheese distributor Bradburys will next week launch a British Cheddar brand that will source directly from independent UK cheese producers.

Amazing Cheddar will go on sale nationally in Waitrose stores on 7 March, initially consisting of a mature variant with a “rich and rounded classic Cheddar flavour”, and a “strong and crunchy” extra mature variant (rsp: £4/350g).

The aim of the brand was to “discover the very best-tasting craft Cheddars from across the UK and bring them direct to British consumers,” Bradburys said, and to “challenge the world of generic Cheddar by creating an incredible-tasting cheese offering great flavour, good value and high quality”.

The brand would not be limited to one source of cheese and would have “the freedom to select from individual producers”, and be “packed with both personality and unique flavours”, added Bradburys marketing director Chris Chisnall.

“Consumers are much more sophisticated than ever before with discerning tastes and a desire to find the best tasting cheeses with proven provenance,” said Waitrose cheese buyer Chris Dawson.

“Amazing Cheddar meets this expectation and fulfils a need for an authentic craft cheese product that has been sourced for its complexity and matured longer to bring outstanding flavours that are synonymous with smaller independent cheesemakers,” he added.