Cadbury Amaze Bites - Brownie Cake

cadbury amaze bites

Who: Premier Foods

What: Cadbury Amaze Bites - Brownie Cake

Where: Individual cakes and pastries

When: Launched October 2015

How much: Rsp £1.99 for pack of 14

Why: After years of decline, cakes are in growth. They added £30.4m last year for total sales of £1.09bn [Nielsen 52 w/e 10 October 2015]. Cadbury Cakes, up 7% to £71.5m, contributed a decent chunk. Along with other innovations such as the microwavable Hot Cakes, Premier is hoping to grow the brand further with these sharing tubs of brownie bites. As well as this Double Chocolate flavour, they also come in Chocolate & Orange.

Consumer verdict: This product was a hit with consumers in all respects and wound up with a score that equalled the previous maximum. The typical Cadbury purple of the packaging gave it strong standout and high levels of appeal. Testers liked the “distinctive Cadbury taste” and “melt in the mouth” texture and, though a minority found them too dry, they rated above average on all key measures. Seven out of 10 considered this a great product for kids, and the same number saw it as an ideal weekend treat.

Pre-trial purchase: 85%

Post-trial purchase: 78%

Better than what’s out there: 67%

New and different: 72%

Overall score: 47/50