Cathedral City and McCain promo

Cathedral City and McCain have teamed up for a shopper marketing campaign to promote jacket potatoes and cheese as a winter meal.

Entitled ‘A Tasty Couple’, the campaign will run in Sainsbury’s stores between 3 November and 9 December, and will feature in Sainsbury’s Magazine as well as posters outside stores and on shopping trolleys.

It will highlight “the simple truth that on a cold winter’s night there is nothing more delicious than a McCain Ready Baked Jacket with delicious Cathedral City Cheddar cheese,” claimed the two companies.

“We believe that as the nights draw in, it’s a great time to be reminding shoppers that cheese is one of the most versatile foods around and can be used in a variety of dishes,” said Dairy Crest customer marketing manager Nick Rowlands. “Both brands are also on deal which means they can save money at the same time, which with Christmas approaching will be welcome”.

The pack of two frozen potatoes is reduced from £1.60 to £1, and the 350g cheese block from £3.50 to £2.50.

McCain Foods category controller, Naomi Tinkler added the campaign would help retailers drive sales by fulfilling demand for ”quick, natural and nutritious meals”.