Co-op Loved By Us Crunchy Mexican Nut Mix

co-op crunchy mexican nut mix

Who: The Co-op

What: Crunchy Mexican Nut Mix

Where: Nut snacks

How much: £2/150g

Why: With their high protein content and healthier credentials than some other snacking options, nuts are flying off the shelves. Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats even launched its own range of trail mix in June to tap the growing trend, and own-label offerings grew in value by £3.3m this year [Nielsen 52 w/e 10 September 2016]. This Co-op offering is part of the retailer’s Loved By Us brand, which is being phased out as part of a major restructure.

Consumer verdict: The Aztec-inspired pack design attracted our consumers, with two thirds saying they would definitely or probably buy the product pre-trial. Post-trial, 75% of panellists said the bagged snack would be ideal for entertaining. The mix had a “great combination of flavours”, and was “spicy, but not too much”, according to many. However, some complained the nuts were “too hard” with a “hot aftertaste”. Triallists believed the pack would have been better with a window and a resealable opening.

Pre-trial purchase: 70%

Post-trial purchase: 78%

Better than what’s out there: 72%

New and different: 72%

Overall score: 44/50