Filippo Berio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Source: Filippo Berio

176 cartons of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6x500ml were taken from the vehicle

Five thousand pounds’ worth of Filippo Berio olive oil has been stolen from a distribution vehicle in Doncaster.

According to the supplier, 176 cartons of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6x500ml were taken from a Lenham Storage Co vehicle in the early hours of 1 December after its driver parked in a lay-by overnight.

The driver, who had made an afternoon delivery to Amazon in Doncaster, pulled into the lay-by to go to sleep ahead of his next scheduled delivery to Asda in Doncaster at 7am the next day.

However, he was awoken at about 2.30am by the sound of someone trying to break into his cab.

On arriving at Asda, he discovered that a hole had been cut in the curtain of the vehicle and two pallets of stock had been offloaded, which contained the olive oil.

Filippo Berio has confirmed the batch code of the stolen goods – E313T – and the best-before end date – 30 June 2024 – in the hope that anyone who is offered its Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil under suspicious circumstances will contact the business.

According to Filippo Berio MD Walter Zanre, the stolen stock was worth “approximately £5,000”.

It was “a sign of the times that these things are starting to happen”, said Zanre, adding that it had been over a decade since the business had experienced a stock theft of this scale in the UK.

“We’re hoping if we make enough noise about it, we can discourage people from stealing.”