Iceland milk

Supermarkets ramp up fresh milk prices Subscription

22 Nov 2017 | By Kevin White

A four-pinter in Sainsbury’s now costs £1.10…


Nutella fans face price hikes as well as furore over recipe Subscription

10 Nov 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Morrisons became the latest supermarket to hike prices on Nutella this month

Tesco craft beer aisle

Restricting alcohol multibuys in England and Wales ruled out Subscription

08 Nov 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Legislation in Scotland led to little or no impact on shoppers’ alcohol consumption…


Shrinkflation now 'endemic' in food and drink Subscription

07 Nov 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Three-quarters (76%) of 200 manufacturers surveyed in August and September 2017 under pressure to cut prices

Heinz soup Made with Great TV ad

Heinz hikes number of promotions to complement soups ad push Video Subscription

26 Oct 2017 | By Carina Perkins

There were 126 featured space promotions on Heinz products in the major mults over the past month


Wine prices to be driven up by global production slump Subscription

26 Oct 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Unfavourable climate conditions, including particularly bad weather in Western Europe, saw production drop 8.2%

gin credit steven guzzardi flickr

Gin prices surge at the mults as rises in duty take effect Subscription

29 Sep 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Shoppers can expect to pay more for Mother’s Ruin this Christmas, as supermarket gin prices have surged

jaffa cakes

McVitie's cuts number of Jaffa Cakes in pack from 12 to 10 Subscription

27 Sep 2017 | By Matt Strudwick

McVitie’s has also reduced the size of the snack’s twin-pack from 24 to 20

Food prices

Unite calls for government to share food price information Subscription

22 Sep 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Union has requested that Defra shares its estimates for Brexit-related food price hikes

haribo train ad

Haribo shrinks pack sizes as costs rise Subscription

22 Sep 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

The German confectioner has shrunk some of its most popular lines but prices in the mults have not fallen accordingly

pork one use

Pork prices remain high as slaughterings decline Subscription

07 Sep 2017 | By Beth Gault

UK pork prices have remained high year on year alongside tight supplies

Whole Foods Cheese needs cred

Amazon price investment plan triggers global grocery fallout Subscription

01 Sep 2017 | By Alec Mattinson

More than $11bn was wiped off the value of the world’s largest supermarkets and food & drink manufacturers on 25 August

Food Warehouse

Iceland tests craft beer offer with Food Warehouse promotion Subscription

31 Aug 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

It was “an opportunity to test the water where Iceland did not have a range before,” according to a spokesman…

co-op ad

The Co-op covers cost of tampon tax

29 Aug 2017 | By Ian Quinn

The Co-op said a 5% price reduction would come into effect from tomorrow ahead of government proposals to remove the VAT


Major supermarkets' online imagery lags behind Amazon and Ocado Subscription

22 Aug 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

An analysis of six large grocers found they only displayed one image on at least 95% of their bestselling products


Slump in promotions set to wipe £4bn from shopper savings Subscription

15 Aug 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

The average number of fmcg lines on promotion in the mults, Iceland and the Co-op fell 13% from February to May, as supermarkets and brands come under numerous pressures

Focus On Scotland

Scots would 'stop buying Scottish' produce if prices rose 15% Subscription

10 Aug 2017 | By Michelle Perrett

A YouGov survey revealed three quarters of Scots prefer homegrown produce, but there were price limits to their loyalty


Asda hikes price of a kilo of bananas to 76p Subscription

03 Aug 2017 | By Beth Gault

The move makes Asda’s loose bananas the most expensive across the mults, closely followed by Waitrose

stella artois cidre cider advert brand

Shrinkflation hits Stella Cidre as bottles cut by 12% Subscription

02 Aug 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Supplier AB InBev has reduced Pear and Original bottles from 568ml to 500ml

Toblerone peaks reduced

Over 2,500 products subject to shrinkflation over past five years

24 Jul 2017 | By Carina Perkins

The phenomenon has pushed up inflation in the sugar, jam, syrups, chocolate and confectionery category by 1.12 points

Premier price drop

Booker cuts Premier prices for bread, milk and sugar Subscription

18 Jul 2017 | By Helen Gilbert

The deals will be advertised on promotional leaflet…

Gu chocolate & vanilla cheesecake twin-pack

Gü Puds desserts fall victim to post-Brexit shrinkflation Subscription

05 Jul 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Supplier Noble Foods has reduced the weights of Gü twin-packs of individual cheesecakes and pies

Single use - dairy parlour

Dairy industry 'must do more' to pass on high prices Subscription

30 Jun 2017 | By Beth Gault

Despite prices surging, many farmers are questioning where the extra money is going


Retailers cool down ice cream promos in sizzling June Subscription

29 Jun 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Ice cream has been a winner for the supermarkets during this year’s hot weather so far


Warburtons reveals £430k saving through demand forecasting

27 Jun 2017 | By Michelle Perrett

Baker has been able to increase the accuracy of its forecasts from 79% to 86%


Rising import and labour costs drive up price of fruit Subscription

03 Nov 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Pineapple was one of the big risers in this week’s Grocer 33, and exclusive research by The Grocer shows it’s not alone

Apple juice

Apple shortage continues to hit juice and concentrate prices Subscription

02 Nov 2017 | By Rachel Graham

Apple juice prices remain on the rise as shortages in Poland continue


Turkey prices on the way up as Christmas looms Subscription

02 Nov 2017 | By Rachel Graham

An upturn in seasonal demand has started to drive up turkey prices as buyers build stocks ahead of Christmas

Pigs in blankets

Ample supplies push UK pork prices down Subscription

02 Nov 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Pigs in blankets shouldn’t cost the earth this Christmas, thanks to a drop in the price of pork over the past two months


Banana prices at more normal level after summer dip Subscription

27 Oct 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Banana prices are now returning to normal levels following a dip from July to September


Irma crop damage pushes up orange juice concentrate Subscription

27 Oct 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Orange juice concentrate prices have surged in the wake of Hurricane Irma


Higher demand pushes up price of cocoa beans Subscription

20 Oct 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Cocoa bean prices have risen due to higher demand following a period of low prices


UK beef prices pushed up by weak pound and fewer slaughterings Subscription

20 Oct 2017 | By Carina Perkins

UK beef prices have risen due to a drop in cattle slaughterings and a weaker pound…

Budgens shopper aisle

Dairy supply shortages see average price rise reach 5% Subscription

18 Oct 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Brits are facing surging prices across supermarket dairy aisles as supply shortages bite

Cocoa butter

Drop in grindings pushes up cocoa butter prices Subscription

06 Oct 2017

Cocoa butter prices are up slightly on last month due to a drop in grindings

polystyrene cups

Polystyrene driven up by rising input costs Subscription

06 Oct 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Polystyrene prices have risen due to tightening supplies of feedstock styrene after factory outages hit production



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