Own-label Mexican meal kits have been recalled as the number of products affected by almond protein contamination continues to grow.

The new recalls mark the first time Tesco and Sainsbury’s own-label ranges have been embroiled in the issue, while a second Morrisons product has joined the retailer’s fajita kit recalled last weekend.

Supplier Snack Food Poco Loco UK – part of the Santa Maria flavourings business that has recalled 10 branded retail and foodservice products in the past week – today (19 February) announced it was recalling the following products because they contain undeclared almond:

  • Morrisons Enchilada Dinner Kit (66sg): All best before dates
  • Morrisons Fajita Dinner Kit (500g): All best before dates (This product was previously recalled but the new notice has widened the recall to all best before dates)
  • Sainsbury’s Enchilada Kit (650g): All best before dates
  • Tesco Fajitas Meal Kit (475g): Best before 16 May 2015, 17 May 2015, 30 May 2015, 7 June 2015, 8 June 2015, 25 June 2015

As with the other products recalled by Santa Maria - which included an Aldi Fiesta brand fajita dinner kit withdrawn on 14 February – the products contain paprika from a batch found to be contaminated with almond protein.

Speaking to The Grocer this week, ahead of the latest recalls, Santa Maria UK country manager Martin Purdy said: “We discovered a spice blend that contained traces of almonds, tested more ingredients in that blend and found traces of almond in the paprika powder. This was unexpected as this ingredient is not handled in facilities where nuts are present.”

In an earlier statement, the company said it was urgently investigating how the problem occurred: “High quality standards are set for all Santa Maria suppliers and a full investigation of the supply chain has been initiated to ensure procedures are put in place to prevent this from happening again.”