gu hot chocolate

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Who: Crediton Dairy (produced under licence)

What: Gü Salted Caramel Flavour Hot Chocolate

Where: Chilled dairy fixture

When: Launched September 2014

How much: £1.49/750ml

Why: Gü was extended into chilled dairy drinks by Crediton Dairy last September. Crediton said it was hoping to “redefine and reinvigorate” the category with the premium drinks, which can be heated or consumed cold and come in hot chocolate, hot chocolate with mocha, and hot chocolate with salted caramel flavours in 750ml cartons.

Consumer verdict: Served after heating in the microwave as instructed, the resulting hot chocolate drink met the quality expectations of most, prompting positive responses from our testers including “creamy, smooth and rich”. A few were less impressed - they had anticipated a stronger caramel flavour, and considered this to be “just like normal hot chocolate”. The premium positioning was reflected in the price point, yet for many, this price was worth paying for the quality on offer. An innovative twist on an established favourite, this example prompted 43% to claim they would definitely or probably buy, though the majority of purchases were restricted to an occasional basis. 

Pre-trial purchase:  42%

Post-trial purchase: 43%

Better than what’s out there:  36%

New and different: 79%

Overall score:  36/50