j20 spritz

Who: Britvic Soft Drinks

What: J2O Spritz Apple & Watermelon

Where: Ambient adult soft drinks

When: Launched February 2015

How much: £1.50/750ml

Why: Britvic is intending to offer “a more sophisticated and lighter taste” than its core J2O with the launch of the J2O Spritz range of gently sparkling drinks. Targeted at 25 to 35-year-olds, they are described as having a texture closer to sparkling wine than a standard carbonated drink, and are available in pear & raspberry, apple & watermelon and peach & apricot flavours.

Consumer verdict: This flavoured water was an attractive pre-trial proposition for many, with the presentation in an “expensive-looking, classy” bottle helping drive pre-trial interest and engagement. It met high expectations for many, with only a few considering it too fizzy or the flavours to be weak. The majority considered it “light, refreshing with a nice aftertaste” - reflected in higher than normal ratings across all key measures - and this drink achieved a good overall score of 46, just two below the current category maximum. Not only was it considered to have brought something new to the category, many also agreed it was better than the competition.

Pre-trial purchase: 55%

Post-trial purchase: 71%

Better than what’s out there: 69%

New and different: 88%

Overall score: 46/50