Joy Fills

Mondelez has unveiled Joyfills, a range of bite-size, cream-filled biscuits weighing no more than 1g each.

Four variants - Cadbury Milk Chocolate Crème, Cadbury Choco Cookie Crème, Oreo and Oreo Choco Caramel Crème (rsp: £1.50/90g) - will be available from August. 

The NPD was “light, crispy bites with a delicious creamy filling”, said Mondelez, and “unlike anything else in the market”.

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“We’re so excited to bring something truly innovative to the biscuit market, designed specifically to meet consumer needs,” said Joyfills brand manager Carly Sharpe.

“Testing has shown that consumers have a high purchase intent through our strong product offering and pack design, so we believe that this will be a real opportunity for retailers to drive incremental biscuit sales for the afternoon, on-the go and evening treating occasion.”

The new range will be backed by a £4m marketing push. “We’ve got a strong multi-channel campaign to support the range in its first year, with the first burst kicking off from the end of August to the end of October” Sharpe added.