Who: Klein Karoo International

What: Ostrich Fillet Steaks

Where: Chilled meat

When: Launched April 2015

How much: £5/250g

Why: Exotic meats are growing in appeal as Brits get more adventurous, with mainstream retailers selling ostrich, kangaroo and goat. Tesco carries these ostrich steaks, supplied by South African business Klein Karoo.

Consumer verdict: Considered very ‘new and different’, many testers were initially a little cautious, then pleasantly surprised. Scores were similar to the Aldi Specially Selected Venison Burgers tested as part of this year’s The Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards and were consistent across all sub-sets, indicating the mainstream potential of this meat. The health credentials were clearly displayed on pack, and the low-fat/high-protein content was a definite attraction, while the absence of visible fat contributed to a high rating for health. Ostrich meat can be dry but this was described by testers as juicy and “very tender”, and there was minimal shrinkage after cooking. Purchase intent rose significantly after tasting, with 70% of respondents keen to buy this for a weekend treat on an occasional basis.

Pre-trial purchase:29%

Post-trial purchase:74%

Better than what’s out there: 77%

New and different: 89%

Overall score: 43/50