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Source: Proper

It will be sending supermarket workers a month’s supply of snacks

Proper has launched a campaign encouraging shoppers to say thank you at supermarket checkouts amid the coronavirus crisis.

It posted a message to Instagram saying thank you to supermarket staff, noting that “every day, while the rest of us sleep, they’re getting up and going out to work. At the most challenging time, they’re feeding the nation.

“We want to say thank you. And we hope that next time you’re at the till, you will too,” it read.

It is asking shoppers to nominate a ‘#SupermarketLegend’ and will deliver a month’s worth of snacks to those nominated over the next two weeks, as well as a personalised poem called ‘Supermarket Legends’.

Since its post on Instagram went up on Friday (27 March), Proper said it had received “lots of heart-warming stories” from shoppers nominating friends and family who had been working hard at supermarkets.


These included nominations for a mum working at Asda, someone’s wife working at Waitrose and a best friend working at Sainsbury’s.