Protein Pow

Online recipe site Protein Pow - which offers advice on using protein powders - has launched its first food products.

It has this month rolled out a pair of protein cooking mixes - one whey-based and one pea-based - that also contain oats, organic vanilla and coconut flour. Both are free from gluten, artificial flavours, sweeteners and flavourings, with the pea variant certified vegan. The duo was launched into the fitness trade last week ahead of a rollout into 275 Tesco Nutricentres and Ocado next week (rsp: £21.99/450g).

The mixes were ideal for making protein-fuelled snack bars, chocolate, pancakes, cookies, cakes and pizza crusts, said founder Anna Sward, adding the aim was to open up “a world of nutrition-dense delicious, healthy foods”. Two ‘small’ snack bars made with the whey mix by following a recipe printed on pack contain 17g of protein.

“We intend to change the face of protein by moving the public’s expectations away from empty labels, artificial ingredients, and unsubstantiated claims and towards natural products,” said Sward. A further three mixes are being developed for next year.

Protein Pow, privately owned and self-financed, started out as a recipe website in 2011 and was founded as a business the following year. Since then, it has published two protein cooking books.