Purdey’s Edge Multivitamin Fruit Drink

purdey's edge

Who: Britvic

What: Purdey’s Edge Multivitamin Fruit Drink

Where: Functional drinks

How much: Rsp: £1/330ml

Why: Purdey’s was the original ‘energy’ drink, popular on film sets to revive flagging thespians before the rise of Red Bull and the like, which is why the brand chose Hollywood’s Idris Elba to be the leading man in its Thrive On marketing campaign this year. The push preceded the March launch of this variant of the sparkling multivitamin beverage, with blackthorn, hawthorn, snakeroot and wormwood as its leading botanicals, intended to give consumers as gentle ‘lift’ without caffeine.

Consumer verdict: The simple-yet-effective packaging and competitive price caused our consumers to get excited about this product. Nearly 60% agreed they would notice the product on shelf, labelling it “trendy” and “smart”. Some testers claimed the product was too sweet and fizzy, but others said it had a “refreshing” and “pleasant” taste. Just under 50% said they would consider buying the product occasionally, with almost 30% saying they would purchase at least fortnightly.

Pre-trial purchase: 43%

Post-trial purchase: 39%

Better than what’s out there: 41%

New and different: 75%

Overall score: 39/50