Rugby Attax cards

Topps is expanding its Attax collectible card brand into the world of rugby for the first time.

The brand – best known for Premier League football trading card game Match Attax – is next week rolling out Rugby Attax. The only licensed rugby product in the trading card sector, the England card collection is being rolled out in time to tap excitement around the Rugby World Cup, which kicks off next month.

“Given the significance of this year for rugby, we’re confident this fresh addition to our Attax trading card game portfolio will be a big hit at retail,” said Topps marketing director Rod Pearson. “Having the official rights to the England rugby team and being the only licensed product in the category will give us a massive advantage in the market as this September’s event approaches.”

Each card in the 240-card set features a player’s photos alongside player star ratings and a range of statistics, so that collectors can rank players according to passing, tackling, kicking, breaking, speed and strength.

The Rugby Attax range comprises: starter packs (rsp: £4.99) with game-ready play pitch, hard-backed collector binder, collector guide and packet of trading cards; packets of nine cards (rsp: £1); and multipacks of five packets with a limited-edition card (rsp: £5).

Topps is backing the launch of the collection with marketing activity including a national newspaper insert.