Waitrose has claimed a UK first with the launch of a grow-your-own supermarket cucamelon plant.

A cross between a watermelon and a cucumber, cucamelons look like tiny grape-sized watermelons and taste like a cross between a cucumber and lime.

The plants (rsp: £4), went on sale last week and are currently on a three for £10 offer until early June.

The cucamelon plant is part of a wider range created by botanist and writer James Wong and Suttons Seeds, which also includes a variety of tomato, chilli pepper, sweetcorn and cucumber plants. Its fruit can be used in salads or cocktails as a zesty alternative to cucumber or eaten as a snack.

They are grown in the same way as cucumbers and would bear fruit in early July if planted now.

“We know that after cooking, gardening is our customers’ favourite hobby, so we wanted to introduce something a little bit out of the ordinary that they can grow and enjoy,” said Victoria Mason, Waitrose outdoor plant buyer.

“This fun fruit is easy to grow so is the perfect plant for all ages to try their hand at gardening.”