Also coming soon from Cadbury are Pina Colada, Marguerita and Velvet Cream chocolate bars. Bendicks ... Campino boiled sweets will be launched in May. The sweets are made with cream and will initially come in two flavours: strawberry and orange. Nestlé ... On April 3 Nestle plans to launch Milkybar ­ a Finger of Fudge' type bar for kids. Kellogg ... is extending its Nutri-Grain brand this month with a chocolate variant. This is understood to be the first of a number of new flavours because it is anticipated that Kellogg will move towards positioning it as an impulse confectionery product, not just a morning bar (see Focus on Breakfast Cereals, p43). Friskies .... is launching a healthy milk product this month. Felix Milk, with reduced lactose content, will be available in mini plastic bottles. The company plans 12 new launches in April, including treats and doggie' completes. {{P&P }}