Mini variants of its Roses and Roses Luxury Collection are being launched by Cadbury in time for Christmas to maximise different giving opportunities.
The mini cartons are part of Cadbury’s festive plans, which include the rationalisation of products and the smartening up of packaging across its range.
This year its selection boxes, calendars and tree decorations will have smarter packaging with reduced Christmas iconography after Cadbury found it was confusing for shoppers to easily find products.
It is axing its Dairy Milk Chunks - available in Caramel, Mint and Crispies - which it introduced last Christmas, to concentrate on more core products.
Cadbury is also increasing the size of its Roses and Heroes tins from 1.5kg to 2.2kg to differentiate them from its cartons and to add value back to the tin category, which experienced some deep discounting last Christmas.