Cadbury is donating 20% of all profits sold on its Fairtrade products over Fairtrade Fortnight to fund solar panel projects for Ghanaian cocoa farmers.

The confectioner said it usually experienced a 20% sales uplift of its Fairtrade lines over the two-week event, and a six-figure above-the-line marketing push kicks off next week to support the ­activity.

The proceeds will go towards the installation of solar panels among Ghanaian cocoa-farming communities who supply Cadbury. A spokeswoman said the panels would provide a more affordable electricity, which could help run health clinics.

"It is set to deliver great results for retailers too," she said. "By displaying the PoS material, retailers can give shoppers another reason to support Cadbury during Fairtrade Fortnight."

The Fairtrade logo currently appears on Cadbury Dairy Milk bars, Buttons and Hot Chocolate.