Bourbon biscuits

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Morrisons’ own-label Bourbon Creams 300g have risen in price by 27.1% from 59p to 75p

Dunking biccies into a cuppa is becoming an expensive habit, with the price of everyday biscuits rising by as much as 42% in the major supermarkets.

Almost 100 of the most affordable biscuit SKUs have risen in price in the mults over the past 12 weeks, according to research by The Grocer using Assosia data [12 w/e 25 November 2022].

Sainsbury’s Malted Milk Biscuits 200g, for instance, has risen 42.9%, from 35p to 50p.

The price of Tesco Oaty Rounds Biscuits 300g, meanwhile, is up 37.1%, from 35p to 49p.

Morrisons’ own label Bourbon Creams 300g have risen from 59p to 75p – a 27.1% increase.

In Asda, Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Biscuit Twin Pack 2x154g is 17.2% more expensive, from £1.28 to £1.50.And the price of McVitie’s Hobnobs Chocolate Creams 160g has grown 15.4%, from 65p to 75p.

A spokesman for Morrisons said it was facing“an unprecedented period of inflation”. The retailer was “working hard to keep prices down and competitive for our customers”, he added.

An Oreo spokeswoman said retailers were “free to set their own prices. However, we are facing significantly increased production costs – whether it’s ingredients, energy or packaging – and rising inflation.

“We understand consumers are faced with rising costs too, which is why we look to absorb costs wherever we can, but, unfortunately, we have had to increase some rrps,”she added.

The Grocer has approached the other mults and McVitie’s for comment.

It comes after several tea brands – including Twinings, Pukka and Tetley – have seen significant price increases in the major supermarkets this year [Assosia 8 w/e 26 July 2022].