The drinks industry can build up the beer category by looking at ways to present it to a wider audience, states Interbrew UK in its 2005 Market Report.
The report, published this week, indicates that beer could be made relevant for a broader
range of occasions, such as having a greater focus on smaller measures.
“The industry faces three major challenges during 2005: addressing concerns about the way alcohol is sold and marketed, improving the poor image of beer and generating value in the take-home market,” the report points out.
While it noted the value of take-home business was up by 1% to more than £3.1bn last year [ACNielsen, take-home, y/e April 16, 2005], it also said independent retailers should work harder to maximise the trading advantages they have over the multiples, such as impulse purchasing and chilled beer offerings.
Multiple grocers increased their share of take-home value business by 5% to 53.4%, widening the gap between other impulse specialists.
Standard and premium lager were the best performing take-home sectors, with 6% and 1% growth respectively compared with the other segments (non-widget ale, super-strength lager, widget ale and stout), none of which saw any growth.
The Argento Wine Company has been formed to optimise the success of the Argentinian brand Argento, distributed to more than 30 markets.

Jamaican Rum brand Appleton Estate VX is linking up with London’s Mojo Awards as the official spirit of the 2005 Mojo Magazine Honours list.

Corona Extra is to sponsor the Gold Coast Oceanfest sports and music festival in north Devon from June 17 to 19.

Sol beer has linked up with record label Hed Kandi for 13 weeks from June 25 for summer parties in Ibiza.

South African brand FirstCape has launched two Chenin Blanc wines. The FirstCape Chenin Blanc will be priced at £3.99, while a premium Limited Release offering will be priced at £5.99.
The Balvenie, the malt Scotch whisky distributed by First Drinks Brands, is investing in a £250,000 national print advertising campaign.
The campaign, which features The Balvenie Man - a witty character designed to reflect the sociable side of whisky - will run throughout the summer with increased focus around Christmas.
“We have seen sales increase by 41% over the past year. We believe that this year’s campaign will see sales increase even further, persuading more single-malt drinkers to opt for The Balvenie as their malt of choice.”
The campaign will target men over 40 who have a passion for single-malt whisky. Adverts will appear in The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator. There will also be a sampling drive.
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