Hovis has scored a PR coup over Warburtons after David Cameron was snapped holding a Hovis loaf – despite the Bolton baker donating £25,000 to the Tories during the election campaign.

Cameron was pictured in yesterday’s edition of The Observer clutching a Hovis loaf as he emerged from a local shop ahead of his crunch talks with the Liberal Democrats.

The photo also appeared in the News of the World.

During the campaign Cameron made an appearance at the Warburtons bakery as the political parties attempted to woo workers in the grocery trade.

“Warburton's might have donated £25k to the Conservatives but good to see David Cameron staying loyal to Hovis!” said a spokesman for the Premier Foods brand.

Cameron is currently locked in discussion with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as they seek to resolve the impasse brought about by last week’s election and the subsequent hung parliament.

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