A blend of computer-generated images and film technology has been used to create new multimedia ads for Bacardi rum. The UK campaign will cost £15m and includes online, TV and outdoor city centre plasma screen ads. It will also appear on LCD poster sites in London Underground stations. The series of ads has been created using live-action footage of dancers converted into trails of Bacardi and a mixer using CGI. The aim is to introduce drinkers in the 18 to 29 age bracket to new mixes of the rum with ginger ale, cranberry, or lime and soda. The first TV ad in the Elixir campaign is called Assimilate, and features a CGI mix of Bacardi and orange juice. Liam Newton, Bacardi’s director of marketing, said he wanted to move the brand on from its most famous serve. He said: “Bacardi and cola is now the most popular bar call in the world. The new campaign communicates how Bacardi was made to mix.” The campaign will also include press ads, radio activity and podcasts.