Kinder Bueno has resorted to using a naked man to reinforce its naughty but nice image in its latest TV ad campaign. Breaking at the beginning of next month, the £5m campaign builds on the strapline of previous ads - 'A little bit of what you fancy'- which reinforces the brand's positioning as an indulgent treat that is a bit naughty. The new creative features two girls enjoying a Bueno bar while relaxing in the leisure area of a posh hotel. Unable to resist the temptation to grab a bit of what they fancy, they steal a guy's towel from the sauna and he is forced to run back to the changing room with only a towel to preserve his modesty. The TV activity will be backed by online and press ads as well as a sampling drive. This will target 1.5 million consumers via teams visiting offices and cover mounts on Glamour and New Woman magazines.