Magners Irish Cider's summer advertising is the first of its campaigns to be launched across Britain.
The ad uses the strapline 'Put everything on ice&' to communicate a relaxed summer theme across TV, outdoor, radio and press formats. The TV creative portrays lazy summer evenings in the apple orchard and by a waterside pub, featuring the Donovan song Sunshine Superman as the soundtrack.

It follows the theme of Magners' previous executions, which featured an apple orchard pictured throughout different seasons.

Brands director Stephen Kent said: 'This new campaign captures the essence of the brand and merges fresh, natural images of the orchard with the refreshment and sociability of Magners.

'Since its national launch earlier this year, Magners has changed consumer perceptions of cider and has been overwhelmingly well received by both consumers and the trade, helping to revitalise and expand the overall cider category.'