Nescafé Budget: £2.7m Manufacturer: Nestlé

Nestlé turned the spotlight on its Nescafé Collection brand with a £2.7m marketing push in March. The six-month campaign drew an analogy between taste and music, and press and poster advertising included the strapline 'Dark, deep, intense notes. Are we playing your tune?' The brand also sponsored the art pages of the Sunday Telegraph's Seven supplement.

Twinings Budget: Undisclosed 
Manufacturer: Twinings

Actor Stephen Fry fronted a TV campaign that started last year, and also appeared in radio adverts for a range of Twinings teas. The adverts aimed to highlight the diversity of the range. Fry, a man who is supposedly synonymous with refined taste and Britishness, discusses the virtues of the tea using his trademark brand of humour.

Typhoo Budget: £5m 
Manufacturer: Apeejay Surrendra Group

Typhoo returned to the small screen last year after a three-year absence with a campaign to encourage tea drinkers to go 'oo' as they drink. One creation featured a shopper who pops into a café for a reviving cuppa and is asked by the waitress whether she'd like her tea with or without 'oo'. Opting for some 'oo', the shopper discovers the revitalising properties of Typhoo.