Scottish & Newcastle UK is supporting the recent launch of its Bulmers Original cider brand with TV advertising that kicks off this month.

The brewer's premium bottled cider brand will feature in a 'Born for Ice' commercial, which will be shown nationally until Christmas.

The ad opens on a container ship anchored in a tropical setting. As the container is moved, a cable snaps and the door bursts open spilling its cargo of Bulmers Original into the sea.

Underwater shots show the bottles sinking to the sea bed and then beginning to swim together, forming a shoal.

Supported by documentary-style commentary, the footage then follows the bottles as they migrate towards cooler waters, and eventually break through the ice and into the hands of a man. The voiceover then announces, "Cold. Crisp. Fresh. Safe at las..."

The narrative is cut short as the bottle top is prised off and the cider shared around a group of friends, ending with the statement, "Bulmers Original. Born for Ice."