manufacturer Kettle Foods
brand Kettle Chips
budget part of a £2m spend

Kettle’s first ever advertising campaign, set to run for 10 months, centres on a ‘No Science. No Fiction. Real’ poster and press ad to underline that the premium crisps are made entirely from natural ingredients.

manufacturer Danone
brand Actimel
budget £2.8m

Danone is running the latest of its series of ‘Challenge’ campaigns, where consumers are encouraged to feel the difference that the probiotic drink can make in just a fortnight. The TV push is being backed by product sampling, point of sale material and posters.

manufacturer McNeil Consumer Nutritionals
brand Splenda
budget part of a £3m spend

Heavyweight support for the low calorie sweetener’s new pack design is hitting screens now, positioning the brand as the ideal sugar alternative for the whole family. Filmed in Cornwall, the TV ad shows different family members enjoying life.

manufacturer Fox’s Biscuits
brand Rocky Rubble
budget £1m

Feathered brand ambassador Rocky Robin is the star of Fox’s cinema and poster campaign for its latest offering under the banner - a ‘lighter’ offering made of crispy rice and biscuit with milk chocolate. The cinema push will hit the big screen in two runs until the New Year.