Manufacturer Twinings
Brand Options
Budget part of a £2m spend

Options is back on air with a new TV ad based around female fantasies.

The creative features a woman who chooses a cup of the low calorie hot chocolate drink over being pampered beyond her wildest dreams.

Manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline
Brand Zovirax
Budget part of a £1.9m spend

TV advertising for Zovirax hit screens last Monday (November 8) with a re-run of the familiar helmet ad.

The 30-second execution shows a woman who disguises her face with a motorbike helmet until she discovers Zovirax - allowing her to reveal her attractive and unblemished features.

Bacardi breezer
Manufacturer Bacardi-Martini
Brand Bacardi Breezer
Budget part of a £15m spend

Bacardi Breezer is back on air with its successful ‘Boss’ TV ad campaign. The ad’s storyline continues the brand’s duality theme and features a professional male being introduced to his new female boss.

Manufacturer Hormel Foods
Brand Spam
Budget part of a £2m spend

Hormel Foods has put its chopped pork and ham product Spam on TV for the first time in the brand’s 63-year history.

The 30-second ad, set to a ‘Spam up’ soundtrack, features a team of builders enjoying Spam sandwiches and Spam being eaten at the dinner table.