Manufacturer: Arla Foods UK
Brand: Anchor
Budget: part of a £4m spend

New television advertising for Anchor is being spearheaded by new-look, hi-tech versions of the brand’s Cow and Moo characters. The 30-second execution also features Tony Robinson and Stephen Fry as the voices of the lovable duo.

Manufacturer: Lever Fabergé
Brand: Dove
Budget: £3.5m

Lever Fabergé is following its Dove Firming ‘Real Women’ campaign with ads that champion women’s imperfections and invite consumers to ‘join the beauty debate’.

Manufacturer: Unilever UK Foods
Brand: Marmite
Budget: £1.5m

Love it or hate it brand Marmite is back on air with a new 30-second execution. The new horror film-style commercial features a giant ball of Marmite chasing people down the street and is set to remind viewers that it’s the spread that divides the nation.

Manufacturer: Jeyes
Brand: Parozone
Budget: £500,000

Jeyes has turned the spotlight on its Parozone Flushable Toilet Cleaning Wipes range in a new four-week TV campaign. The 10-second humorous ad, which kicked off last Thursday (January 6), features a dim husband rummaging around under the sink for something to clean the toilet with before banging his head on the sink.