Sir, Christine Haigh's letter in The Grocer last week (Kellogg's must do better on sugar, p26) illustrated Liz Hamson's point at the front of magazine (It's easy to have a pop at the food industry, p3) beautifully.

Your industry readers appreciate that keeping Coco Pops' taste while removing 15% of the sugar is a tall order but we think we've cracked it. They know creating new foods, such as Coco Pops Choc 'N' Roll, that appeal to children but also have the nutrition chops to keep mums happy is equally tough but we've done it. This work has taken a lot of people years and cost us millions.

These are points we've discussed, face to face, with some of our most long-standing critics.

They, like the many mums who've contacted us, have welcomed this latest round of improvements and been encouraged to hear that more are planned for the future.

However, it's a conversation we've not had with Ms Haigh, or anyone else at the Children's Food Campaign. In spite of many requests no one can find the time to meet us.

But Ms Haigh and her colleagues at the Children's Food Campaign can rest assured that when they are ready to talk directly we will be too.

Rachel Fellows, UK corporate communications manager, Kellogg's